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 AMD vs NVIDIA for Ronin

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AMD vs NVIDIA for Ronin Empty
PostSubject: AMD vs NVIDIA for Ronin   AMD vs NVIDIA for Ronin Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2012 10:22 am

We were talking about this...

and he doesn't mention it, but like I said you don't need to match Nvidia with Intel, and AMD with AMD processor/gpu... and yes he is talking more about the high end lol

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AMD vs NVIDIA for Ronin Empty
PostSubject: Re: AMD vs NVIDIA for Ronin   AMD vs NVIDIA for Ronin Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2012 12:24 pm

Tho as you mentioned, SLI/XFire support is more common/cheaper on matching board/cpu/gpu than mixed.

FWIW: My new build

Went with Intel and i3 as I have guaranteed high quality CPU upgrade option in a couple years, whereas AMD I might need to ditch the AM3+ socket to get a good 8 core (or put up with lower performing piledriver, faked 8-core).

Went with Sapphire Radeon (AMD) 6850 as it is hands down the best bang for your buck gfx card at the time. NVidia's same capability cards are 33% or $50 more (at higher end, I think NVidia holds advantage).

Since my board doesn't have the slots to even consider xfire/sli.... and I plan on keeping it for a while, that wasn't really a concern for me.

Build cost is ~$700 though that includes over $100 in gaming accessories (mouse + left hand control) that really can be skimped on at first build (you could start with cheap USB keyboard mouse really)

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AMD vs NVIDIA for Ronin
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