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 How to Youtube

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PostSubject: How to Youtube   Mon Feb 25, 2013 6:52 pm

Since all of you are retarded past the point of salvation and this is only a mental exercise to improve my format skills, let me explain how to Youtube on Gametanamo.

1) Select your youtube clip of choice

2) Look at the red box at the bottom and you will see the "share" button in gray

3) Now click on that and the share menu will pop up (in the red box)

4) Now click on the "embed" button in the gray text...

5)...And this will pop up

6) Highlight the text in the box

7) And paste in the reply box on Gametanamo

8) Then post

You are now not retarded and no longer have a use for the unstable youtube tags.

gut wrote:
Skresh is a 20 year old african american homosexual furfag, but hes ALSO... NARNFORNIA, a level 82 nig-elf afro-magician orc slayer in world of warcraft.
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How to Youtube
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